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QuantumSI is a full service systems integrator providing consulting services to wireless, manufacturing and networking industries. QuantumSI currently sells, integrates and supports a variety of hardware and software products to provide our customers with end to end solutions.

Hardware - sales with complete system integration

UNIX hosts Lenovo ThinkServer, IBM SystemX Certified Value Added Reseller and Oracle/Sun Microsystems Enterprise Certified Value Added Reseller of both Oracle/Sun Servers (Enterprise), Workstations (Workgroup), and Software (OS/Applications).
Web servers Robust mission critical web application servers and systems installation and setup based upon proven UNIX, Solaris, Illumos, Linux and Win/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8 technology.
iSCSI/FCAL/SCSI/SAS peripherals HDD/SSD Disk Drives, Tape sub-systems, and High performance hardware RAID and ZFS units (iSCSIS,Fibre,SCSI,SAS), iSCSI switches.
Networking Products Switching Ethernet (10/100/1000/10G baseT), Firewalls, Routers, Load balancers, specialized embedded server appliances FDDI, ATM, and deep packet inspection solutions.

Software - sales with complete system integration

UNIX DBMS IBM / Informix RDBMS (5.X to 12.X and CISAM), MySQL, Redis, and Raima Database Manager. Cassandra, Solar, Lucene,
UNIX BIGDATA Hadoop, Hbase, Cassandra, MongoDB, CouchDB, Lucene and Solr
UNIX OS Oracle/Sun Microsystems Solaris 2.X, Solaris 10,and Solaris 11 operating system products.
UNIX Opensource OS Opensource Solaris including Opensolaris, Illumian, SmartOS, OpenIndiana, and OpenSXCE operating system products.
UNIX HA/CLOUD Grid/Cloud Computing (Globus), Fault tolerant system/software construction (Custom, Sun Cluster, First Watch, OpenHA, SmartOS).
UNIX APPS Radius, VMware, Virtualbox, Solaris Zones, DiskSuite, ZFS, fuseFS, and others.
TELCO AMA/CDR Turn Key and custom solutions related to telecommunication billing (AMA data).
PC APPS MS Office, Open Office, LibreOffice and other high end productivity suites
RESTful Services Integration/Devlopment of high speed REpresentational State Transfer, (REST), web services.
IPC/CORBA Integration High Speed Communication and Messaging APIs.
JAVA/JAVAFX: Multiple Standard APIs, Custom APIs, VRML Simulations, Client/Server Database. QuantumSI employs Sun Certified J2SE engineers.

Value Added:

In all cases QuantumSI is dedicated to lower customer costs and providing the right product to meet customer needs. The real value of QuantumSI comes in the analysis and integration phases. We do not just sell a product like the average reseller we sell a working system.

Customers know their systems will work and require minimal maintenance. On site setup, remote setup via the internet, or detailed setup instructions and maintenance information is given to the customer as part of each sale or integration task. QuantumSI personnel have decades of experience in supplying customers with high quality integration services - typically we even correct legacy problems of other systems or services unrelated to the task at hand.

Additionally QuantumSI excels in the event that custom software is required to link diverse software and hardware into a complete system. Custom solutions run the gamut including: UNIX kernel drivers, Internet capable utilities and full featured application suites.

QuantumSI has a proven track record of providing "turn-key" plug and play solutions including hardware, networking equipment, RAID systems (SAN, NAS or DAS) and software (both full custom and mixed custom/COTS environments).


Domestic Upon approval QuantumSI typical grants NET/30 terms and a discount off of US List price, deeper discounts are generally available with high unit counts and also pre-paid orders.
International International sales are limited to bundled pre tested turn-key systems (including both custom QuantumSI software and third party hardware software). Payments are accepted via a variety of payment terms ranging from partial prepayment, letters of credit, and escrow accounts.


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