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ROAMRev Roaming Revenue

ROAMRev, Multi-vendor Roaming Reconcliation and Revenue Generation

_here_ QuantumSI's ROAMRev product automates and streamlines the process for wireless carriers to generate revenue from other carriers (or partners) roaming on their network, implementation technologies such as CIBER, TAP and NRTRDE.

For a wireless carrier, Bilateral Roaming Agreements are a key factor in both subscriber satisfaction and company reputation, allowing your customers to roam on other networks when out of range. Allowing other carriers' subscribers to roam on your network can be a great source of revenue, provided you can make the technical hurdle of capturing the necessary information and perform the automated transactions to reconcile charges between you and your roaming partners.

QuantumSI has developed a turnkey solution and deployed it to wireless carriers for just this purpose. As an additional component to our CDR Collection Manager (CCM) system, QuantumSI's ROAMRev product handles everything roaming related. The system collects and reads all necessary input CDRs as well as roaming partner configuration data, produces the required reconciliation records in the proper format, and either sends them off to clearinghouses for processing and billing -or- directly to a roaming partner if reconcilliation is done without the use of a clearinghouse.

QuantumSI covers multiple input CDRs, covering voice/sms/data/ip, can be virtually any techology, such as: CDMA, GSM, HSPA/WCDMA, UTMS, 1xRTT, iDEN, SMSC, EV-DO, LTE, SGSN, SSY, ATM, and others.

In addition quantum processes and/or translates any type of source data (SS7, IP, ATM network, and switch-based), verification data, or enrichment data including but not limited to:

General Design and Supported Customizations

RoamRev is highly customizable turn-key hardware/software solution. The software side is comprised of modular software based solution, utilizing a massively scalable NewSQL database (LeyenDB ability to store and manage 1.215 Billion rows/hour) along with high performance robust optimized work processes providing the the ability to take care of multitude of parallel processing tasks including but not limited to: CIBER (Cellular Inter-carrier Billing Exchange Roamer) TAP (Transfer Account Procedure), NRTRDE (Near Real Time Roaming Data Exchange), RAP (Return Account Procedure), HUR (High Usage Reports), FMS (Fraud Management System) and all related operations such, as Roaming Partner Management, Test, SIM Card Management, Rating, Rating/Special, Online Monitoring, Invoicing, Revenue Assurance and Reporting.


For output records, the industry standard formats for roaming reconciliation are CIBER and TAP, as well as NRTRDE for roaming fraud detection. ROAMRev handles all of these format types with ease.


For CDMA Networks, the industry standard for roaming reconciliation is the CIBER record. ROAMRev reads CDMA CDRs and creates CIBER records, automatically sending them to the proper clearinghouse for reconciliation. CIBER records are ASCII records in a specific fixed-field format. CIBER format is managed by Syniverse Corporation, which also acts as the primary clearinghouse and invoice generator.


For GSM and WCDMA, the industry standard is TAP. The TAP format, managed by GSMA, is a far more complex format that CIBER. Whereas CIBER is human-readable ASCII, TAP is a compact ASN.1 binary format. QuantumSI has developed all necessary tools to read and generate TAP files in the correct format.


NRTRDE is the GSM industry standard for fraud detection. NRTRDE files, an ASN.1 binary format similar to TAP, is meant for transfer between carriers at very quick intervals (within 4 hours of wireless transaction). ROAMRev generates NRTRDE files within minutes of reading the CDR data, sending them to the appropriate clearinghouses.


Whether your needs include CIBER, TAP, NRTRDE, or all, QuantumSI provides a turnkey solution with full support to ensure continuous production. Licensing and support includes hardware and software installation, identification and processing of all necessary input data, working with your staff to understand terms of roaming agreements and implementing those terms into roamer configuration files for automated processing, generating test runs for syntax checking and clearinghouse approval, formal turn up of roaming reconciliation, and web-based monitoring of processing status.

Yet we understand that despite standards many vendors have small quirks that need to be overcome, or your operations have extensive unique requirements that standards can't adress requiring complex transformations, in all cases QuantumSI has you covered by providing:


Like all QuantumSI products, ROAMRev has been extensively tested for reliability. By strictly adhering to each session layer and network layer protocol, and by using well-organized local storage procedures, ROAMRev ensures that data is not lost or duplicated and that all CIBER and TAP records get delivered.

Proven Systems

CCM technology is currently collecting data 24 hours/day in systems worldwide. For tesimonials, please contact wp@quantumsi.com.


Currently available (shipping two weeks ARO) in cost effective pre-configured systems for turn key deployments for both high end and low end situations:

For further information or a live demonstration of our ROAMRev software, please contact the the Wireless Products Division at Quantum Systems Integrators, Inc. at wp@quantumsi.com, or (714) 428-1133.


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