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CROME Wireless Performance Management System

CROME, Multi-vendor Wireless/Wireline Performance Management Reporting System

QuantumSI is the provider of CROME, Cell Reporting Object Management Environment, a best in class turn-key wireless performance management software systems that allow operators to discover, trend and optimize wireless traffic characteristics in their network infrastructure. CROME is used to analyze radio statistics, cell statistics, site statistics, etc., in a wireless network, and due to CROME's generic design CROME easily handles all wireless and wireline network elements from any device in CDMA, GSM and iDEN systems.

The CROME software suite is a high speed best in its class decision support system that allows both landline and wireless service providers to quickly analyze capacity, trends and faults for any network. This allows wireless providers to proactively tune, adjust, reassign, or increase capacity to meet exacting quality of service levels at the lowest possible equipment expenditure rate. [ more ... ] [ PDF ]


MCB Reliable Data Collection, Mediation, Buffering and Distribution

MCB, Reliable Data Collection, Mediation, Buffering, and Distribution

QuantumSI has slashed the cost of deploying and maintaining multiple data collection systems with it's revolutionary simple Multi-Cast Buffer (MCB) system. This mediation system is composed of a high reliability UNIX daemon application set that provides an elegant solution to sharing critical data feeds among mission critical processes that must access a single shared data source or feed.

This exciting technology enables applications to be deployed and that share the same data feed, more importantly does so while increasing reliability and both centralizing and minimizing management tasks across all enterprise applications.

The MCB is typically deployed in mission critical roles in either a Telecommunications or a Manufacturing environment where data loss can not be tolerated - yet there are multiple consumers (automated or manual) for the critical data stream.

The overall objectives that have been meet by Quantum's generic multi-cast buffer (MCB) system are: 1) isolate and minimize the critical system components; 2) avoid data losses by any non-critical process failure and/or scheduled restart; and 3) avoid non-reversible data transformations. [ more ... ] [ PDF ]


CCM CDR Collection Manager

CCM, Multi-vendor CDR Collection Manager for AMA Billing Records

QuantumSI's CDR Collection Manager drastically reduces the cost of collecting, archiving, and disseminating customer billing data for telecommunications operators. QuantumSI is a proven leader in reliable data collection, distribution, and management systems. Customers trust QuantumSI software to collect, archive, and distribute their critical data, such as cellular billing records, in sites all around the world. QuantumSI's solutions are designed as mission-critical applications, working reliably without the need for administrative care, ensuring critical enterprise information is not lost.

Billing data is arguably one of the most important pieces of information for a telecommunications company. Yet many companies use inefficient or non-automated means to collect billing data. This can result in slow turnarounds to create bills, or potentially lost or duplicated data due to human error.

QuantumSI's CDR Collection Manager (CCM) reliably and automatically collects CDR/AMA billing data from a variety of switch types, and manages the information for processing by a third party billing system.

CCM has been developed to work with many common switch types and protocol layers, and has been modularly designed such that support for other equipment can be "plugged-in" without code changes. These layers include pure X.25, XPT, and where supported direct TCP/IP protocols to the switch which generate the CDR records.
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ROAMRev Roaming Revenue

ROAMRev, Multi-vendor Roaming Reconciliation and Revenue Generation

QuantumSI's ROAMRev product automates and streamlines the process for wireless carriers to generate revenue from other carriers (or partners) roaming on their network, implementation technologies such as CIBER, TAP and NRTRDE.

For a wireless carrier, Bilateral Roaming Agreements are a key factor in both subscriber satisfaction and company reputation, allowing your customers to roam on other networks when out of range. Allowing other carriers' subscribers to roam on your network can be a great source of revenue, provided you can make the technical hurdle of capturing the necessary information and perform the automated transactions to reconcile charges between you and your roaming partners.

QuantumSI has developed a turnkey solution and deployed it to wireless carriers for just this purpose. As an additional component to our CDR Collection Manager (CCM) system, QuantumSI's ROAMRev product handles everything roaming related. The system collects and reads all necessary input CDRs as well as roaming partner configuration data, produces the required reconciliation records in the proper format, and either sends them off to clearinghouses for processing and billing -or- directly to a roaming partner if reconcilliation is done without the use of a clearinghouse.
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E-Discovery E-Discovery Litigation Services and Support

Agile processing of all electronic documents for E-Discovery for all Litigation needs

Geared to both small companies and also large fortune 100 companies QuantumSI's E-Discovery Litigation Services provide an low cost affordable set of services to quickly produce high quality searchable production.

In today's fast based litigation arena, data is now promptly identified as relevant by attorneys (for both the defendant and plaintiff) and placed on legal hold. Evidence is then extracted and analysed using digital forensic procedures, and is usually converted into PDF or TIFF form for use in court.

Electronic information is very different from paper information because of its intangible form, volume, transience and persistence. Electronic information is also usually accompanied by metadata that is not found in paper documents and that can play an important part as evidence (for example the date and time a document was written could be useful in a copyright case, the CC: and BCC: lists in E-mails might play a crucial role in determining who knew what and when they knew it).

The preservation of electronic documents and perhaps more importantly the preservation of the associated meta data creates special challenges to prevent spoliation. Electronic discovery was the subject of amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP).

QuantumSI has a successful track record of providing services in a cost effective manner whether your company, or your legal representation, is a small one man legal boutique or a large multinational law firm. Our services have proven to be cost effective for both small companies and also for fortune 100 firms, quite simply no one does E-Discovery better than QuantumSI.


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