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Intelfon El Salvador applauds CROME Performance Management system

17.Jan.07-- Intelfon El Salvador has given QuantumSI's CROME performance management (PM) system rave reviews for its ability to effortless provide complex performance reporting over 60 months of continuous non-stop operation covering all of El Salvador's iDEN based infrastructure. CROME has proven itself to be an invaluable tool which has contributed to Intelfon's successful build out by providing full ad-hoc reports in mere seconds on any needed KPI or formula.

"We have verified the benefits of CROME over other platforms, CROME significantly reduces the time spent in the analysis and generation of reports" - Néstor Zelaya , Intelfon

The above comments by Intelfon are typical of the feedback and testimonials that QuantumSI receives from our CROME Clients across all technologies including iDEN, GSM and and CDMA deployments of CROME.

The PM solutions from Quantum Systems Integrators, Inc., aka QuantumSI, have also received many awards including the coveted Nextel USA Outstanding Achievement Award presented by Mick Flood, Vice president of Engineering Operations of Nextel. From the text of Nextel's certificate: "In recognition of your tireless efforts in making complex iDEN Statistical Reporting comprehensible to non-technical professionals."

Full Intelfon El Salvador Endorsement

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In INTELFON EL SALVADOR, we use the platform CROME for the handling of all the statistical data of our iDEN system and we have verified the benefits of CROME over other platforms, CROME significantly reduces the time spent in the analysis and generation of reports. The flexibility of CROME to create user defined reports and formulas is very useful, since each user can create his own format for data analysis which makes CROME more useful in the development of their tasks. The opportunity of almost total automation for the generation of programmed reports is a great advantage that we have utilized CROME making the statistical processing of multiple reports efficient.

It's also worth mentioning that the service and technical support, which we receive is both very professional and with fast and precise answers to the requirements of our users.

En INTELFON EL SALVADOR, utilizamos la plataforma CROME para el manejo de todos los datos estadísticos de nuestro iDEN sistema y hemos comprobado los beneficios de CROME sobre otras plataformas, mejorando significativamente los tiempos en la generación de análisis y reportes estadísticos. La flexibilidad de CROME para creación de reportes y formulas definidas por el usuario es de gran utilidad, ya que cada usuario puede crear su propio formato de análisis de datos que le seamás útil en el desarrollo de sus tareas. La posibilidad de la automatización prácticamente total para la generación dereportes programados es una gran ventaja que hemos experimentado al utilizar CROME con lo cual el trabajo estadístico se realiza de una manera mas eficiente.

Es de mencionar también el servicio de soporte técnico, el cual lo consideramos se realiza de una forma muy profesional y con respuestas rápidas y precisas a los requerimientos de los usuarios.

Néstor Zelaya
Planning and Design Engineer
Intelfon El Salvador.
Néstor Zelaya
Ing. Planificación y Diseño
Intelfon El Salvador.


The CROME software suite is a best in its class decision support system that allows both land-line and wireless service providers to quickly analyze capacity, trends and faults for any network. This allows wireless providers to proactively tune, adjust, reassign, or increase capacity to meet exacting quality of service levels at the lowest possible equipment expenditure rate.

CROME is a generic full ad-hoc reporting system which is implemented in the JAVA programming language, there is no need for end users to write code or develop additional modules to enhance or expand the system.

Statistical data flows are captured in real-time from a multitude of network elements and the data is immediately presented to end-users via a 100% pure Java(tm) reporting tool that runs on both standard PCs and Sun Workstations.

The use of integrated GIS features and multidimensional reporting along with built in high Erlang-B and Erlang-C functions has proven to be invaluable to Quantum's customers.

In addition since Quantum's CROME product is a national multi-vendor and multi-switch PM solution, including iDEN, GSM and CDMA technologies (also with any revision for any vendor's switch) the CROME system transparently combines data from multiple switch types across multiple vendor revisions (i.e. input data) into a single unified regional or national report for any combination of switches and/or sub-elements across any time range or focus via lightning fast full on demand ad-hoc reporting.