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QuantumSI deploys Nortel/CDMA CROME Performance Management System for Revol Wireless

25.Jul.07 -- Quantum Systems Integrators, Inc., aka QuantumSI, completed a fully integrated deployment of its CROME performance management (PM) system for Ohio-based Revol Wireless. This system fully integrates and automates all PM aspects of a Nortel CDMA2000 Network into a comprehensive reporting and analysis framework. The CROME system is an invaluable tool which is actively contributing to Revol's ability to maintain and manage their actively growing network across six states (Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and New York) by providing full ad-hoc reports in mere seconds on any needed KPI or formula.

Meeting the large data volumes present in Revol's extensive network (approximately 4.5 Gbytes of raw data to process each day), CROME's server and multi-dimensional database architecture easily scaled handle the data and reporting requirements, while still maintaining CROME's high standards for speed and flexibility in reporting.

QuantumSI's CROME product is a generic ad-hoc PM reporting tool that works seamlessly with disparate technologies such as CDMA, GSM, and iDEN. Regardless of the equipment vendor or data formats involved, CROME's data gateways integrate all data types into its generic reporting tool.

For this CDMA deployment, CROME data input gateways communicate with Revol's Nortel CDMA2000 1X, CDMA Packet Mobile Switching Center, for both performance metrics and configuration information, and also with the Nortel Base Station Subsystem Manager (BSSM), again for both performance metrics and configuration data.

The result is a fully automated data processing and high performance data warehouse that can quickly generate all needed ad-hoc reports against any of Revol's performance data. Additional configuration data collected by CROME allows for use of CROME's interactive geographic mapping of any desired customer KPI or formula.

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QuantumSI has delivered performance reporting power and value with Revol's implementation of CROME in a multi-carrier Nortel CDMA environment. QuantumSI's development agility has proven itself invaluable in consistently meeting our performance reporting needs.

QuantumSI ha dotado a Revol de capacidades únicas para la generación de informes sobre rendimiento con la implementación del sistema CROME bajo un ambiente multi-operadores CDMA (Acceso Múltiple por División de Código) de Nortel. La agilidad de QuantumSI en términos de desarrollo ha demostrado su valía al responder sistemáticamente a nuestras necesidades de generación de informes.

CROME reporting for Nortel CDMA2000 1X systems

This single full ad-hoc CROME report that took 3.09 seconds to run (from a computer across the county) showcases the capability and the performance of CROME in the CDMA environment, images of the three fully integrated live views of the same data are shown below ( GIS, GRAPH, and GRID ). This single customer-created ad-hoc CROME report queried 18 half-hourly raw statistical measurements for calculating 10 different KPI formulas for 1195 sectors across an entire day. CROME also integrates with productivity suites like Microsoft Office and OpenOffice for exporting data and/or publishing complete detailed reporting packages.


QuantumSI's CROME system puts all performance metrics at the customer's fingertips, and provides intuitive menus and displays to allow quick creation of formulas and reports. QuantumSI also provides a suite of Nortel/CDMA reports with the installed product.

The CROME installation at Revol was a complete turnkey turnup by QuantumSI staff, which included installation of CROME server software to communicate with the Nortel switch and BSSM computer for regular collection of all required data. QuantumSI also configured required OMPRs in the Nortel switch, and provided standard formulas and reports to make use of this data (as well as working with Revol staff to develop new reports).

The CROME server processes data as quickly as it is available on the Nortel Switch and BSSM, every half hour. As soon as the data is available, users can run CROME reports at the click of a button and analyze key performance metrics.


The swift turnup of Revol's CROME System and blazing speed of CROME's reporting capabilities are trademarks of QuantumSI's products and installations. Whereas competitors may take many months to integrate a product, only to provide slow access to reporting and/or "fixed" reports that do not allow ad-hoc analysis, QuantumSI's CROME product is quickly integrated into the network and provides reporting speeds unheard of in other reporting systems.


The CROME software suite is a best in its class decision support system that allows both land-line and wireless service providers to quickly analyze capacity, trends and faults for any network. This allows wireless providers to pro-actively tune, adjust, reassign, or increase capacity to meet exacting quality of service levels at the lowest possible equipment expenditure rate.

CROME is a proven solution that has been in operation for over nine years in full production settings, ideal for Network Optimization including: Network performance, Frequency and Capacity planning, Handoff parameter and System performance analysis, Capacity / Handoff/ Drop / Block performance review (daily, period, or bouncing busy hour), and Drive Testing on Single Sites, Multi-Site Clusters, Switch Level, and Multi-Switch National Infrastructures.

In the event your company's wireless operations (whether iDEN, GSM or CDMA) would benefit from QuantumSI's proven CROME Remote Hosting solution or upon approval a short term "zero cost no risk" CROME demonstration highlighting actual data from your market, QuantumSI can quickly process your application for CROME remote hosting services. Simply contact QuantumSI at or 714-428-1133 and inquire about either Remote Hosting or a direct CROME system purchase.