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Upgradeable Wireless Infrastructure Management

11.Nov.02-- Quantum Systems Integrators, Inc., aka QuantumSI, has completed and deployed upgrades to both of QuantumSI's DOME and CROME product lines, these Wireline and Wireless Performance Management (PM) Suites, now provide full performance reporting capabilities for Motorola's newest iDEN SR9.8 software release.

QuantumSI support ensures our clients, that valuable historical performance reporting (PM) and configuration data (CM) remains constantly available and correctly linked to the proper network elements (NEs) before, during and after the upgrade.

To date, Quantum has upgraded twenty one (21) deployed performance reporting systems to Motorola iDEN SR9.8 for multiple customers.

About the iDEN SR 9.8 upgrade

With the deployment of the iDEN SR 9.8 DOME and CROME updates, Quantum customers can query across the upgrade boundary in the same report and get perfectly consistent results in a single report item, regardless of the fact that the source data is completely different due to a complete Performance Management (PM) rewrite by Motorola (which is effectively a completely new data source). The rewrite included new data, semantic changes to existing data, new design of network topology representation and impacts to several other subsystems including but not limited to configuration management (CM) and fault management (FM) data.

This work completed by QuantumSI in a matter of days is a perfect example of the adaptability and longevity of QuantumSI's entire product line.

About DOME

The DOME software suite is a first generation iDEN only PM system deployed in 1994 which leveraged the internet and intranet with radical "web-based" features that have now become common place. Turn key DOME server solutions are still sold today, almost a decade after this automatic web based performance reporting technology was first introduced.

DOME is a scripted reporting system which relies heavily on the PERL language. Both Quantum and end users can develop new scripts to enhance and expand the system.


The CROME software suite is a best in its class decision support system that allows both land-line and wireless service providers to quickly analyze capacity, trends and faults for any network. This allows wireless providers to proactively tune, adjust, reassign, or increase capacity to meet exacting quality of service levels at the lowest possible equipment expenditure rate.

CROME is a generic full ad-hoc reporting system which is implemented in the JAVA programming language, there is no need for end users to write code or develop additional modules to enhance or expand the system.

Statistical data flows are captured in real-time from a multitude of network elements and the data is immediately presented to end-users via a 100% pure Java(tm) reporting tool that runs on both standard PCs and Sun Workstations.

The use of integrated GIS features and multidimensional reporting along with built in high Erlang-B and Erlang-C functions has proven to be invaluable to Quantum's customers.

In addition since Quantum's CROME product is a national multi-vendor and multi-switch PM solution, thus with respect to the Motorola iDEN SR 9.8 (as with any revision for any vendor's switch) the CROME system transparently combines data from multiple switch types across multiple vendor revisions (i.e. input data) into a single unified regional or national report for any combination of switches and/or sub-elements across any time range or focus via lightning fast full on demand ad-hoc reporting.

QuantumSI and iDEN/Harmony

Quantum is one of the few vendors that have been presented with an Nextel USA's coveted Outstanding Achievement Award this award was presented by Mick Flood, Vice president of Engineering Operations of Nextel Communications, Inc. The text of the certificate is as follows:

    In recognition of your tireless efforts in making complex iDEN Statistical Reporting comprehensible to non-technical professionals.
It is a testimonial to Quantum's product line when the Number Five US wireless carrier goes out its way to thank Quantum for its products that make complex tasks such as wireless performance reporting understandable to any individual in the organization. It should also be noted that Quantum's CROME product was independently reviewed by Nextel's core performance management selection committee, who chose CROME as the preferred long term corporate PM solution for Nextel.