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Quick Overview

QuantumSI is a Systems Integrator and Software Developer for mission critical applications: QSI personnel provide our clients in depth experience in the development and integration of custom real-time, mission-critical systems for telecommunications, petrochemical and aerospace industries.

Since our inception in 1994, QuantumSI has developed creative solutions, providing our clients significant technological advantages and cost savings.

QuantumSI is a multi-national systems integrator with clients in the United States, Mexico, South America, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific Rim.

Many or the unique technologies and mission critical solutions developed by QuantumSI have been successfully licensed to other vendors servicing the telecommunication space.

Custom Software Development

QuantumSI solutions are developed using object oriented design concepts, reusable components, and strict compliance testing over the last decade QuantumSI has been providing clients with:

Complete Telecommunications Solutions for NMS/OSS

Corporate Overview

Business Structure

Quantum Systems Integrators, Inc., A Wyoming 'C' Corporation

General Business Office in California

Quantum Systems Integrators, Inc.
2030 Main Street, Suite 1300
Irvine, CA 92614


Phone: (714) 428-1133
Fax: (714) 428-1131
E-Mail: org@quantumsi.com
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Full Company Biography

Quantum Systems Integrators, Inc. Software Development and Integration

QuantumSI, located in Irvine, California, was formed in February 1994 by a merger of Cavallaro Computing and Programmable Logic Systems with the focused goal to provide innovative information technology solutions in many areas of business including the high technology telecommunications industry, and the conversion of defense industries into profitable private sector market segments. The two precursor companies together combined decades of experience fulfilling exacting client needs in both software and hardware development.

QuantumSI is n software development and systems integration company, with a particular strength in developing communication and data acquisition software for existing systems that simplify complex problems and analyze vast amounts of data.

Making the Complex Simple

No matter how complex the problem, QuantumSI delivers a solution that harnesses the technology making it understandable, approachable, and accessible. QSI surrounds complex technology with an intuitive user interface that places computing power comfortably in the hands of a technologically naive user, and yet still satisfies the performance and flexibility needs of a demanding end user or data analyst.

Leveraging Knowledge and Experience to Create Cost Effective Solutions

QuantumSI personnel have a proven track record as system integrators and software developers on a wide variety of commercial and aerospace projects. Though the firm's projects appear dissimilar, they are highly interrelated through the reuse of software and analysis methodologies developed through years of experience. In spite of differing "missions", systems that acquire, store, correlate, disseminate, and display data are inherently similar. When projects demand new capabilities, a key aspect of our philosophy is to develop those capabilities not only to satisfy current requirements, but to extend to new ones. Over time, this strategy of developing flexible software designed for reuse has created a storehouse of stable software components. Each project QSI completes builds upon, and also enhances through its own additions, our major libraries are known as the Quantum Standard Library (QSL) and the Quantum Java Standard Library (QJSL).

The Quantum Standard Library and the Quantum Java Standard Library are the end product of thousands of software development hours. Ensuring reusability benefits the firm by reducing development time and by widening the roles the firm's technology can play. More importantly, technology-reuse benefits our customers, as it reduces developmental cost, schedule, and risk. Lastly, our customers receive the benefit of having reliable, tested software reused in their application that significantly reduces software testing and upgrades.

Total Customer Satisfaction

QSI is committed to maintaining its reputation of achieving high levels of customer satisfaction. To help our customers before, during and after system implementation, we offer a wide selection of customer support services: On-site needs analysis, installation and project management, product training (on or off-site), application improvement studies, and post-installation systems engineering.

Methodology Overview

Before all the SDLC buzz words: Agile, Scrum, DevOps, QSI has been delivering near zero defect software in a continuous delivery cycle to meet our customer needs for over 15+ years. We believe the latest label can't guarantee success or timely results there is no substitute for experience and know how and a dedication to putting the customer first. Yet we allocate significant time to research the latest trends and evaluate them to the benefit of our customers.

The QSI development methodology assembles the skills and components critical to assure the success of our client's projects: in-depth understanding of and experience in hardware and software, a systems engineering perspective, disciplined development methodologies, and reliable product development via large scale code reuse.

Systems Integrator and Software Developer for mission critical applications: QSI personnel bring experience in the development and integration of real-time, mission critical systems for telecommunications, petrochemical and aerospace industries. This breadth of experience enables QSI to apply state-of-the-art technology, sophisticated development methodologies, and experienced project management to meet the needs of our clients. QSI is adapt at selecting, designing and integrating systems ranging from embedded processors to full scale redundant enterprise wide information systems.

Provider of open software solutions via portable UNIX and DOS code: QSI has provided cost-effective UNIX and DOS based solutions for our clients over the last eight years. Now with the advent of JAVA, QSI has established a premier product line which exploits the power and portability of JAVA to meet and exceed the needs of our clients. A major company emphases is portability across a multitude of platforms. However, QSI personnel have extensive expertise in custom OS and hardware dependent enhancements such as light weight peer-to-peer inter-process communication systems for high performance real-time systems.

Experts in communications software, hardware and protocols: QSI personnel have a proven track record integrating a wide variety of networking equipment and protocols to meet customer needs. This theme of communications integration can be found throughout much of our consulting history. Although QSI prides itself as a software development and systems integration house, its senior employees bring to bear an impressive array of communications systems experience.

Experts in database software, development and integration: In the realm of database design and application integration QSI personnel are unsurpassed. Working with major workstation DBMS products like Informix and Oracle QSI engineers have developed high end mission critical applications for major telecommunications companies including AirTouch Cellular, Nextel Communications, Retix, and Objective Systems Integrators. Typically the resulting application suites and underlying databases automatically process, store and allow distributed access to gigabytes of data across the nation for these clients.

Partners with our clients through continuous excellence: QSI as a policy never "locks" the client into a single developer or provider. All system components and libraries can be supplied in full source code to our clients for unlimited internal use by our clients. QuantumSI's liberal policies even allow other systems integrators or consultants hired by our clients to completely take over all QSI application development and/or any required maintenance activities.

Leaders in applying technology: Our staff has experience in the full spectrum of software application and communications systems design. Using our internally developed technology we are able to offer clients significant advantages and savings. Developed using object oriented design concepts, the QSI development components provides clients with:

Our development library covers the gamut of technology allowing QSI to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity. Some of the more notable areas addressed by our reusable C and C++ and JAVA software modules include:

QuantumSI is an active member contributor of industry groups such as Sun Microsystem's Catalyst Development (currently a Oracle Gold Partner) and The Java Telecom Object NetworkSM (JTONE). Involvement like this allows us to stay ahead of our competition by knowing the requirements of our clients and the benefits of applying the latest technologies.


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